Institute For Democracy

Konstantinos Karamanlis

Institute for Democracy Konstantinos Karamanlis is a scientific non-profit corporation. It was founded in Athens in January 1998. Its mission is to study political, economic and social issues and to formulate policy proposals aimed at strengthening democracy and the balanced development of the state, markets and society, good governance and European integration. The Institute’s work includes research programs, publications, events, education and training on a wide range of subjects: state and society, economy and development, education, science and culture, international politics and security, politics and ideology.

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The Institute for Democracy aims through excellence in the qualitative improvement of political dialogue at national and transnational level. For this purpose:

It offers an open forum for public and political dialogue
It promotes the free movement of ideas
It connects science, the market and civil society with politics
It records and analyzes critically the rapid developments in Greece, the EU. and in the world
It produces systematic research with the participation of prominent academics and researchers
It contributes to policy-making on the basis of documented analyzes and proposals
Informs, educates and educates new scientists, professionals, journalists and policymakers in policy making


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