George Prevelakis


Professor emeritus in Geopolitics, Sorbonne University (Paris 1) and Research Professor,  CNRS (UMR Géographie-cités). He specialises in the Geopolitics of Europe, of the Balkans and the Eastern Mediterranean, in the Geopolitics of Diasporas and in Physical Planning. After leaving Greece (1984) he has served as Professor and Research Professor in Paris, in Baltimore, in Boston (Konstantine Karamanlis Chair, Fletcher) and in London. He has also served as Ambassador of Greece at the OECD (2013-2015). His last book in English is: Who are we? The Geopolitics of Greek identity, Kerkyra-Economia Publishing, Athens, 2017 and in French: Qui sont les Grecs? Une identité en crise, CNRS Editions, Paris, 2017.


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