Training - Political Academy

Coordinator: Pantelis Sklias, Professor at the University of Peloponnese

The aim of the Political Academy is the moulding of political and partisan officials of high specialization through special seminars of political education and training


The Political Academy addresses Party members as well as individuals who are not part of the party echelons, politically active, and manage or might manage political, partisan, or governmental affairs. It also continually cooperates with the Party Departments and Secretariats, with scientific organisations, the local administration and the youth.


The Political Academy organises seminars, meeting sessions and lectures every year, aiming to train, educate and inform participants on issues concerning the structure of the basic areas of governmental responsibility.


The faculty of the Political Academy is comprised of university professors, experts and professionals of high calibre technocratic training and experience in area of the private and public sector.


The Konstantinos Karamanlis Institute of Democracy Political Academy has educated and trained 500 officials approximately, across the country.

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